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Let's Go Out Tonight

Re: Let's Go Out Tonight (5:58) track 10 on The Space Between Us (1997) with vocalist Paul Buchanan

This song is one that makes me realize how special relationships can be. When I hear it, I drift off to think about a man almost begging his lady fair to get out of the house and experience life with him, together. Now granted, I never listen close enough to actual lyrics to say definitively I know what a song is about, but I can share how a song makes me feel.

Lyrics in songs are really a new instrument being played, the words as the notes that move the melody further into our understanding. I feel this is indicative of the rhyming typical in choruses. Yet when a song uses lyrics in a nonstandard stanza/chorus arrangement, it creates; it breaks through musical habit; it frees the music to simply be. This song does that. When I hear it, I feel it is "epic" in its emotional range.

And this song always leaves me wanting more...
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